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Mission of Westfield Quality Care of Aurora

At Westfield, we are a family….

We focus our attention on providing all necessary tools and resources to the dedicated staff who serve at Westfield;

Through that focus, those dedicated staff will deliver the most sincere and
highest quality care for the elders in our family.

Our approach to care delivery...

We offer small-town compassionate care with exceptional skills and customer service. Our emphasis is on the resident, their family, and their quality of care. We understand that the resident deserves nothing less than the best. We can offer compassion along with physical, mental & emotional support. Our residents will be treated with consideration, respect, dignity, freedom, and the ability to make choices that enhance their lifestyles.

News & Blog

We have exciting news for this week, we were able to open up the hallways and let the residents come out for group activities. This is always an exciting time as we hate when the residents don’t get to come out and spend time together. This week we did manicures, word games, watercolor painting, and other games like UNO and YATZEE. It is great to have everyone back together again.

Unfortunately, there is no resident activity to post. We are working on getting everyone back to work and the residents are very hopeful that we will be able to open up the doors on Monday and they can get back to group activities. We need to have one more testing of all negative residents.

Hello from Westfield Quality Care of Aurora.

Staff and residents from Westfield wish you a very Happy New Year.  Here are some quotes to take into the new year:

Approach the new year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day by Michael Josephson.

Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past.  Let it go for it was imperfect and thank God that it can go by an unknown author.

The bad news is time flies.  The good news is you’re the pilot by Michael Altshuler.

In our perfect ways.  In the ways we are beautiful.  In the ways we are human.  We are here.  Happy New Year’s.  Let’s make it ours by Beyonce`.

  • Dennis Alder - Resident
    Dennis Alder - Resident

    I would recommend Westfield to anyone needing rehab. My stay was enjoyable. The staff at Westfield treated me well.

    Dennis Alder
    Resident 10-14-2021

Thank you to our incredible community partners:

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