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Mission of Westfield Quality Care of Aurora

At Westfield, we are a family….

We focus our attention on providing all necessary tools and resources to the dedicated staff who serve at Westfield;

Through that focus, those dedicated staff will deliver the most sincere and
highest quality care for the elders in our family.

Our approach to care delivery...

We offer small-town compassionate care with exceptional skills and customer service. Our emphasis is on the resident, their family, and their quality of care. We understand that the resident deserves nothing less than the best. We can offer compassion along with physical, mental & emotional support. Our residents will be treated with consideration, respect, dignity, freedom, and the ability to make choices that enhance their lifestyles.

News & Blog

On Friday I shared that we were hopeful to be able to open our isolated hallway after everyone tested negative for COVID19 on Friday, and in anticipation of their testing negative on Monday. Well, our plans almost came through. We were able to open the 100 hallway as no residents tested positive. However, we did have another resident test positive yesterday on another hallway, and like the last positive case, this is a situation where we are unable to quarantine that specific resident in their room so the entire hallway will be under quarantine for a period of 14 days.

We are proud to announce that next week Westfield will host our quarterly Memorial Service, officiated by Pastor Andrew of St. Croix Hospice. We had a great experience with the last service and residents in attendance were so appreciative and able to remember those friends and family we have lost. For this coming service, we are going to stream it through Facebook Live and we hope that you will all be able to join us virtually since we are still unable to have large groups at the facility.

I do appreciate your patience for anyone who reads this post often earlier in the day. I wanted to wait until I had a chance to test all of the residents again today for COVID19 to make sure I could give you the most up-to-date information on our situation.

  • Dennis Alder - Resident
    Dennis Alder - Resident

    I would recommend Westfield to anyone needing rehab. My stay was enjoyable. The staff at Westfield treated me well.

    Dennis Alder
    Resident 10-14-2021

Thank you to our incredible community partners:

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