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Memory Care

Memory Care in Nursing Facilities seems to be a common misconception. At Westfield Quality Care of Aurora, for the first three years of service, there was a dedicated hallway that had been set-up to provide that “Memory Care”, separated from the rest of the building. However, we looking at the overall population of the facility, and the greater value of joining everyone together for socialization, Activities, supporting the staff, as a whole, etc. it was determined to open that dedicated hallway and, instead, Westfield is a Memory Care facility, all encompassing. 

We welcome residents who have cognitive decline, at various levels and for various reasons. As a resident’s health or cognition changes, we adjust to best meet their needs on ANY hallway or in any room not in a certain hallway. We have found, since opening that special care hallway to the rest of the building, we are able to better meet the needs of all residents and to support the staff on all hallways. 

If you have questions about “Memory Care” at Westfield Quality Care, please contact us and we can discuss this matter further. 

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