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Our New Living Room - 11/19/2021

This has been a very good week for nursing facilities, residents, visitors, and staff. We are allowed to stop masking in the facility as long as our county covid positivity rate is not high. We will be checking this information every Thursday as there is a particular site that is used for healthcare. We will have this information posted if a mask is required or not. There will be more information and changes coming in next weeks update. Thank you to everyone that has so diligently masked up for visiting residents, I am so thankful that regulations are loosening up, it has been a long 3 ½ years.

This week Westfield celebrated pirates. Residents dressed like pirates and completed activities that were related to pirates. International Talk Like A Pirate Day is being celebrated worldwide on September 19th. This started out as joke between two friends and quickly turned into a global celebration after the American columnist Dave Barry wrote a column about it in the Miami Herald. The residents will end the week watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

Today I can report good news! We were able to open the hallway doors today. Residents that had to move from their room were able to move back to their own room. Residents were able to eat lunch in the dining rooms again, it was great to have the residents be able to move about the facility again. It feels like we are back to our new normal and it is wonderful to be able to see the residents again.

Hello from Westfield Quality Care of Aurora.
We are doing things a little bit differently for right now. With COVID-19 we have closed the doors to the individual hallways for resident safety. Activities and nursing are doing a great job keeping everyone busy. We are having more individualized activities on the hallways, and the hallways are having to trade turns as this does take more time for activities to go to every hallway individually and set up the activity. I want to give a big thank you to everyone at Westfield that has been pulling together to keep the residents busy and safe.

The residents have had to make a change this week, we have put up our plexiglass partitions on the tables for extra protection for the residents. We will be keeping these up until we have been cleared with our testing. The residents are still enjoying their activities but do have make an adjustment and sit in the dining room with a plexiglass partition, but this has not stopped the creativity and fun we are having here at Westfield. I also want to mention that we have a new employee of the month for September. It was awarded to Emily the activity aide. Thank you, Emily, for everything you do to make the lives our residents full and happy. Congratulations, it is well deserved.

The residents have many different fun activities to keep them busy this week, we had Jeopardy on Monday, name that Disney movie on Tuesday, everyone’s favorite is Bingo on Wednesday, with Polka Music, Trivia and exercise and memory game. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page to see our talented residents.

This week we have been celebrating Woodstock, the residents have got to do some interesting crafts to celebrate the 60’s, had some history lessons about vinyl records, and were able to reminisce about the 1960’s. To top off the week we had the Woodstock party today, the staff participated, and we had a lot of flower children in the building today.

We have had some nice weather and looks like the forecast is going to continue. It is hard to believe that we are starting towards fall already. The kids are going back to school and football season is going to be starting very soon. Residents got to listen to Merry Makers play the guitar for some live entertainment this week. That is always makes the residents happy to get to listen to their favorite songs.

We have started an employee of the month program; we would like to have residents and families help a deserving employee get chosen. We have a box on the south wall behind the nurse’s station. Please ask when you come to visit so you can vote for a well deserving staff to receive this recognition. Our employee for the month of August is Echo Sweeney from housekeeping, if you see Echo, please congratulate her.

I can hardly believe that summer is almost over, time goes by so fast. The weather has been really good the past week and we had some rain. This is great as it was really needed. We are winding out July and getting ready to move into August it is time to start thinking about getting the kids ready to head back to school. Have a great rest of summer, go do something fun before we move into fall.