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Our New Living Room - 11/19/2021

As we look towards the coming weekend and holiday, we will all remember those brave men and women who have served our Country through the many branches of our Armed Forces, and paid the ultimate sacrifice. Their commitment and loss is not forgotten and is greatly appreciated. For those family members and loved ones left to mourn the loss of a Veteran, our prayers go out to you during this time of year, as well.

While many of our area schools celebrate the end of the school year, graduations and the start to summer, we would like to extend our congratulations to all of those graduating and wishing all a wonderful summer break.

Good morning and Happy Friday the 13th. Some might fret over such a day, given the hype of bad luck and the like but have you been outside this morning? It is gorgeous outside! We had a beautiful sunrise this morning, a cool start with the promise of sun and growing weather throughout the day. If this is the way Friday the 13th is going to be, we should have more of them! Blessings for the many of us who got to watch the storms pass by without any damage last night and prayers for those who were affected and for a quick recovery. Wishing you all a great day.

Happy Seis De Mayo! Of course, the actual celebration for the independence of Mexico is on Cinco De Mayo, but since I did not post an update, I offer you this greeting today. AND, while it is not an official celebration of Mexico, May 6 IS National Nurses Day, here in the United States. SO many nurses that we are thankful for and we hope you will help us in thanking them today. We appreciate all that they do!

On the topic of May Day, I did some reading to learn a bit about the history. Oddly enough, I think I am more confused by the varying history of this day, when it is celebrated, by whom and why. As a result, I will leave the research to someone else. But…Happy MAY DAY!

Good evening, friends of Westfield! And Happy Earth Day!

Several weeks ago, I posted our weekly update at this time of day, and it does not happen very often but from time to time, the schedule works out that way. We hope that everyone had a nice Easter holiday. Several residents were able to enjoy day trips with families and several enjoyed Easter visits here at Westfield.

Good morning and, well, I am not certain if it is acceptable or appropriate to offer a greeting of “Happy Good Friday” or perhaps simply a greeting of “Good Friday”. I looked at my greeting from last year and it was simply, Happy Easter, which also makes sense. Anyway, Happy Good Friday and an anticipated Happy and Blessed Easter to you all!

We would like to send a special THANK YOU to our Senator Curt Friesen, and all of his colleagues at the Nebraska Unicameral! If you have been watching any news on the funding bills being introduced, in part, to provide much needed funding to nursing facilities in Nebraska, you saw where Governor Ricketts vetoed the bill. Well, yesterday, the voices of elders in Nebraska were heard loud and clear in Lincoln as our Senators overrode that veto with only three nay votes across the tally board. What a strong statement that makes in support of care for elders in Nebraska and the quality of care they deserve. Senator Friesen, THANK YOU for your support!

Hoping that everyone enjoyed a nice week where, here in Nebraska, we seemed to have enjoyed, or at least experienced, most of the seasons outside. We were blessed with some moisture and hoping that today is a day with less wind.

For our loyal readers, grab a cup of coffee this morning. There is a lot to cover in this week’s update. And welcome to any new guests to the Westfield weekly “COVID19” update. Thank you for tuning in!