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Our New Living Room - 11/19/2021

Good morning and Happy Black Friday for all of you who enjoy getting out and fighting crowds for some holiday bargains. We hope that everyone enjoyed the best Thanksgiving yesterday.

More updates on COVID19 but this time, we feel some good news, finally. Last week, CMS announced new resident visitation guidelines for nursing facilities. We did not publish anything before now because we had to get guidance from our local agencies on how this would be implemented in Nebraska. In summary, CMS is removing restrictions that were placed on visitation practices in March 2020 and returning to a more normal visitation process.

This week we all had the opportunity to celebrate Veteran’s Day and to thank all of those who have served and who serve today to keep our Country safe. We would like to say thank you to all of those men and women and their families who are part of the Westfield family for their service, dedication and sacrifice for the protection of our Country.

In August, the Biden Administration told us that there would be a mandatory COVID19 vaccine for employees of long-term care facilities. Then the information that came out was that all healthcare and other companies of certain sizes would be required to receive COVID19 vaccinations.

You know, you would think that being in quarantine by hallway this week would have been enough to darken the moods of residents and staff at Westfield. Then you add that it rained for two days. Was that enough? NOT EVEN CLOSE! We just play harder and make the best of the situation and that is exactly what the residents and staff of Westfield did this week!

Today, Tuesday, we had an employee test positive for COVID19. This employee was showing no signs of the virus and had recently tested negative. As a result, we are sending off a test for confirmation at the Nebraska Public Health Lab. In the meantime, we are going into a quarantine of each resident hallway.

Good morning and WELCOME to the new and improved Westfield Quality Care of Aurora website! We were so excited to see this launched this week and hope that you will find this as useful resource. We wanted to create a platform that was user friendly, full of information, accessible for potential employees and informative for residents, families, and the community.

We have enjoyed a great week of being able to welcome families and friends back into Westfield to visit their family and loved ones. Of course, this means the world to residents and their visitors but it really does give staff a great feeling to be able to see those familiar faces and to even meet to faces.

Yesterday morning, as we had prayed would happen for two weeks, we were able to open the hall that had been under quarantine for those past two weeks and what a wonderful feeling that is for everyone, the residents, families and staff.

Last week we had a setback at Westfield related to COVID19, as you are all aware. This week, I am pleased to report that after three rounds of COVID19 testing, all residents and staff, ALL tested negative.