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COVID 19 Update


Hello from Westfield Quality Care of Aurora.

The residents have been busy making Valentine’s Day decorations, this week one of the crafts was Valentine Heart Wreaths.  We have had so many people donating items to the activities department for the residents.  I can’t express my appreciation for all the generosity. We have had art supplies, nail polish, puzzle books, and the best part were the donuts, Yummmmm!  I also want to thank St. Mary’s Catholic Church for donating flowers to our catholic residents, they are beautiful.

For our COVID update this week; Hamilton County is NOT in a HIGH positivity rate, so staff and visitors do not have to wear masks right now.  We love it when we get show off our smiles.   I will continue to add this bit of infection control reminders, wash your hands frequently, and use hand sanitizer often. If you are having any COVID symptoms or have been knowingly exposed to COVID please stay home and take care of yourself, we will take good care of the residents, so you do not have to worry. 

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On average, February is the United States’ snowiest month, according to data from the National Weather Service.

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Best regards,

Michelle Broekemier