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COVID19 Update


Good morning everyone,

Well, without a doubt, we can rely on severe weather here in Aurora, and the surrounding area, and this week did not disappoint with that. Our prayers go out to anyone who was impacted by the recent rains, winds, hail and anything else that impacted lives and livelihoods this week. We know that some farms and other business were impacted and it was fairly widespread throughout Nebraska. We pray for a quick recovery and better weather. Now, looking at the forecast for next week, we see the heat rolling in. As many are out and about in this weather, most have not been exposed to extreme heat and humidity so far this year so please take precautions by drinking plenty of water, taking rest breaks from the heat and humidity, wearing light colored and light weight clothing, and all of the other tricks. Most importantly, know your limitations and plan accordingly. Happy Summer!

We are pleased to report that we have no real news about COVID19. Last week, we completed our second round of testing all residents, which was great news. Additionally, we have not had any other new positive COVID19 cases. Therefore, we will continue to test all non-up-to-date employees, contractors, therapists, etc. who are in the building regularly.

Just as a frame of reference, and we have discussed this before, but there are two COVID19 maps that we watch on a regular basis. Most often we are looking at the map that displays Community Transmission, which is currently showing most of the United States in orange or red.

The other map is showing the levels of COVID19 in each county throughout the country, which remain low, in the yellow or green. These two different maps do seem to create confusion in the general public, and we know for sure that they bring debate and confusion in healthcare, long-term care particularly.

In any event, we remain aware of the risk of the spread of COVID19 but seek every day to find ways to learn to live with these risks, while also continuing to return to a normal life and routine for residents and staff. There continues to be a fair amount of debate about the use of masks, as in most environments, mask use has ended, while in long-term care it is still required. As these requirements change, we will be sure to let you know. Thank you all for your continued patience and support.

Well, that was a lot. Now, back to the fun stuff! What a great week at Westfield. BINGO! More donations and gifts are being received every day in support of the residents’ events and programs, which is fantastic! If you have access to the Cobalt television network, please take a moment to look at Channel 999 throughout the week. The weekly meal menu and weekly activity schedule is posted there each week and it really is helpful information.

We hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend!

Best regards,
Chris Young